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This website is designed as an entry point for those needing legal assistance and seeks to make their dealings with Russian family law and divorce law as easy as possible. Whether it be marriage, parental matters, marriage property settlements, prenuptial agreement, marriage contract, spouse support, child support or divorce procedure, this website will serve you as a guide on various aspects of Russian family law, separation and divorce. The website also contains relevant family legislation (including that in English), international treaties and conventions which this country is a party to, notably the Hague Convention on International Children Adoption 1996, and the Hague Convention on Parental Responsibility and Protection of Children 1996, in both languages, and commentary covering various issues related to the procedure that applies to Russian marriage and family disputes.


Russian Family Law News

This website will bring you up to date with the latest news and current events on the matters and will further keep you updated on the most recent developments of the family law in this country. Whether it is adoption ban for same-sex couples, a new bill introduced to the Parliament or a landmark court decision concerning family topics, you can read about it here.


Commentary on Russian Law

You will find my comments on the most common legal issues related to Russian law on various matrimonial aspects. The rapidly developing areas of paternity, surrogacy and adoption in this country get coverage on these pages. Another area of my close interest is the international child abduction and the application of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction 1980 and the Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Cooperation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for Protection of Children 19 October 1996 in Russia. I made an effort to partly compensate the lack of information available on the web for those who had to face this problem.


Family Statistics. Marriage Statistics. Divorce Statistics

This section is regularly updated to provide you with the most recent information about family, marriage and divorce in numbers. The reports are based exclusively on the verified and trusted resources, such as the United Nations Demographic Yearbook and Russia Public Opinion Research Centre.



The ‘Resources’ page contains links to the official websites of the courts available in Russian and English. It provides contact information of the Central Authority for Hague Convention matters, as well as other state agencies’ and courts’ telephones and addresses you may require.


How to Navigate this Website?

Please use the left hand side menu to navigate your way through this website. Check regularly the ‘News’ and ‘Blog’ sections. Alternatively, you can use the search option to find relevant material using keywords.

Further Enquiries and Feedback

This website is a live resource, which content is updated on a regular basis. However, if you feel that it would benefit from covering some other topics, please do not hesitate to leave your feedback.

I do trust you will find it a useful resource. However, if your enquiry is more specific, and you are seeking a Russian lawyer specialist advice on marriage, parental matters, marriage property settlements, prenuptial agreement, spouse support, child support or divorce procedure, please get in touch with me directly.

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